News: Africa`s baobab trees are dying

The baobab is the iconic tree from Africa. It belongs to Adansonia genus. These trees are found in Madagascar, mainland Africa and Australia. They are very popular becouse they can live longer than 2000 years. For exemple the Panke baobab in Zimbabwe was 2450 years old when it died in 2011.

Credit: Hougaard Malan/

Unfortunatly the oldest and largest baobab trees in Africa are dying. In a study intended to investigate the age, structure and longevity of Africa`s largest and potentially oldest baobabs, researchers were surprised to find that several of trees died during the study period (2005-2017). But the sad news are that the researchers found no signs of an epidemic or disease, the only answer they have is that the climate change could be the reason for their death.

Source: A.Patrut et al. Nature Plants

Adela Teban

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