The kites garden-A legendary place

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I wrote you something, I hope you are still here because I have an interesting travel story for you. This summer I visited many beautiful places and I’m going to show you some of them in the following blog posts. Today I’m telling you about a legendary place in Romania, not very well-known, called The kites garden.gradina zmeilor (3)The kites garden is a natural protected reservation, located in Salaj county, Transylvania. This `garden` is a forest where we can find groups of giant stones with irregular shapes. They were formed in many years by the water, wind and different natural phenomens. This place is unique for our country and because of that, local people gave interesting and funny names for each stone in the forest and some legends, as well. Now, I invite you to walk with me in the garden and meet the beautiful and magical `kites`.gradina zmeilor (1)gradina zmeilor (5)gradina zmeilor (6)The pathway in this forest is really interesting because the ground is covered in sand. This environment was formed thraugh many years and this sand was formed because of the water that washed the stones every year. It is not an actual sand, is more like a calcarose mud which creates a unique pathway in the forest. At the end of this path, we will find the giant stones (the giant kites). From the edge of the cliff it can be seen ` The Kite and the Kitees (the kite and his wife)`. The legends said that this is the home of the kites and also the place where the kites bring young girls which were stolen from their parents.

gradina zmeilor (4)
The Kite and the Kitees

Going further in the woods, we will find a path full of a beautiful and very big kind of fern. On this fern are hidden little animals like the common lizard which you can see if you’re quiet because they can get scared very easy. Following this path, it leads us to other two giant stones, called `The monks`. This place is like a desert in a forest, all of the trees are grounded in sand and between the stones we can walk through a tiny path with no vegetation only chalk and rocks.gradina zmeilor (9)gradina zmeilor (7)gradina zmeilor (10)

gradina zmeilor (8)
The monks

gradina zmeilor (11)There are many stones in this reservation with different names that local people gave them, like The Catana Girl, Old man, The Captain, Eva, The Thumb, The Sphinx, but we had a short time to visit this garden, and we couldn`t find all of them. Maybe next time I will show you multiple images. I hope you like this little hike in a beautiful and wild region of Romania.Watermark in Full Color





8 gânduri despre „The kites garden-A legendary place

  1. Evert and I share with you this love for hiking and discovering legendary places. I found it fascinating how locals create stories around natural elements, to explain why those have strange shapes or if they were people who petrified after a curse or if they are guardians and good spirits. How big are these rocks? How large is that area? How long it took you to walk there?

    [I also can’t help thinking about Dracula living nearby in Transylvania ;P]
    I believe that ancient places keep energy throughout the centuries.

    I was glad to start my week reading your post. It feels like a breathing space to face another Monday!

    See you around!


    1. In Transylvania almost every rock, forest, garden, city, ruin, village, church, monastery and so on, have a strange name and a legend behind. It’s very beautiful and natural place. There are villages where people still live like in old times in country side. Some of them don’t have electricity or gas, they work with woodfire, candles and they provide water from the river or fountains.

      About the Kites gardes is not that big, in 2 hours you will see all the rocks. It’s a small area, but a very interesting one. And the stones are in different shapes and sizes from 3m to 50 or bigger.

      And yes, the Dracula legend is everywhere in this area where I live, but the actual Castle is in Brasov city, about 5 hours drive way from where I live. Is not that close to me 😂

      I’m glad you liked the article, the next one will be even more interesting, about a wonderful and unique cave.


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