MovieTime: The king of kings

Va propun un film pentru weekend: White lions – The king of kings

Leul alb (Panthera leo krugeri) este un animal foarte rar. Traieste intr-o zona izolata din sudul Africii, numita regiunea Timbavati. Leul alb este o subspecie a leului si a aparut datorita unei mutatii genetice. Desi nu le afecteaza viata, leii sufera de o maladie numita leucism. Aceasta maladie genetica le provoaca albirea blanii din cauza reducerii semnificative a pigmentilor din piele.

Va invit sa vizionati documentarul de mai jos pentru a afla si mai multe lucruri despre aceste animale extrem de rare.

Weekend placut!


The white lion or the Transvaal lion (Panthera leo krugeri) is a very rare animal. Is considered as a subspecies of the lion that lives in Southern Africa, Timbavati region. This subspecies appeared, actually, from a color mutation of the Transvaal lion. Leucism occurs only in this type of lion, but is quite rare. They are found in a few wildlife reserves and mostly in zoos worldwide. For more interesting information about this special animal, I invite you to watch the movie down below.

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Narrated by Angie Milliken
Produced by David Adams Films for Animal Planet International


Adela Teban