New oil paintings – Tropical collection

Hello friends! This summer I was very creative and managed to finish my first oil painting collection. I chose to create a tropical collection because summer inspires me the most and I love the fresh and vibrant colors of a tropical beach and rainforest. So, I will present you today, 5 oil painting that I created with all my heart.

  1. Plumeria dream – Is an impressionistic flower painting and represents the plumeria flowers. You may know this flower by the name Frangipani and it is native to Central America. Is one of my favorite tropical flower and the one that inspired the entire collection. I wanted to paint this flower because is unique, delicate and interesting. I wrote an article about this beautiful flower some time ago, if you want, you can check this link: Plumeria. The symbolic meaning of this flower and painting is: new beginning, new life, charm, gracefulness, beauty.

    Plumeria dream – Limited edition, no. 1/5, Size: 24×18 cm (9,5×7 in)
  2. Sunset on the Island – This painting is one of my favorites. Everyone asked me why I keep painting these palm trees. These paintings are images of a dream. I love to travel and my dream is to visit a Caribbean Island some day. I had a vision of my self standing under a palm tree on a tropical beach at sunset and every time I think what to paint next, the only image I had for the first time in my head is a palm tree. Also, the palm tree symbolize honor, truth, value, vitality, protection, fertility, resurrection, aspiration.

    Sunset on the Island – Limited edition, no. 2/5, Size: 40×30 cm (15,7×11,8 in)
  3. Hawaiian hibiscus – This flower is also named Chinese rose and is native to West Asia. It`s a very common plant that grows almost everywhere, and they have multiple colors. I chose to paint it because even if it`s an exotic plant, I grew up with it and always reminds me of home. In culture this plant symbolize true love, sincerity and long term relationships. If you like to see more pictures with this beautiful plant, check this article: Hibiscus

    Hawaiian hibiscus – Limited edition, no. 3/5, Size: 24×18 cm (9,5×7 in)
  4. The bird of paradise – This flower is named Strelitzia or The bird of paradise, because it looks like a bird with the head down and opened wings. The birds of paradise are well-known for there beautiful colors, but none of the looks like this plant, the name was just a figurative form. The flower is originated in California and it`s the official flower of Los Angeles city and it is also the official flower for a ninth wedding anniversary.

    The bird of paradise – Limited edition, no. 4/5, Size: 16×16 cm (6,3×6,3 in)
  5. Toucan – The last painting from the tropical collection is a beautiful exotic bird. We can find this bird in the Amazonian rainforest and this is a `true` paradise bird. This creature represents communication and self-confidence since this bird is one of the noisiest and loudest creature of the forest.

    Toucan – Limited edition, no. 5/5, Size: 18×13 cm (7×5 in)

I hope you like my new oil paintings and if you are interested, they are available for sale on my etsy shop: AdelaFineArt

Watermark in Full Color


Raja Ampatt – A pristine paradise

[RO] Raja Ampatt este un colt de rai aflat pe un taram indonezian izolat. Raja Ampatt sau „triunghiul de corali” este un arhipelag reprezentat de numeroase insule impadurite, bogate in biodiversitate marina. Se spune despre aceasta zona ca este printre ultimele locuri salbatice din lume, iar diversitatea speciilor marine care traiesc in arhipelag o depaseste numeric pe cea a pasarilor din padurea amazoniana. Insulele Raja Ampatt sunt in numar de 1500, aflate langa Sorong. Insulele sunt mici si inconjoara 4 insule mari principale si anume: Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati si Misool. De asemenea, denumirea arhipelagului Raja Ampatt inseamna „Cei patru regi”, denumire provenita dintr-o legenda veghe, locala.
[EN] Raja Ampatt is a piece of heaven on an isolated Indonesian land. Raja Ampatt or The Coral Triangle is an archipelago represented by numerous islands, rich in marine biodiversity. This area is among the last wild places in the world and the diversity of marine species is bigger then the number of bird species from Amazon forest. The archipelago is a complex of 1500 small islands which surrounds 4 main islands (Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool). Also, the name Raja Ampatt means `The four kings`.


[RO] Insulele sunt foarte putin populate, iar localnicii din zona incearca sa limiteze cat de mult posibil accesul turistilor pentru conservarea biodiversitatii. In ultimii ani au venit vesti bune din acest punct de vedere, deoarece din 2005 statiunea Misool Eco Resort face eforturi deosebite pentru a proteja si conserva natura. Pana in prezent au reusit sa protejeze cu succes 120.000 ha de habitat marin si au oprit definitiv pescuitul ilegal. Astfel, biologii care se ocupa de ecologia arhipelagului au inregistrat o crestere de 250% a populatiei de pesti din lagunele cu corali.
[EN] The islands aren`t very populated and local people try to limit the tourist access in this area for a better biodiversity conservation. In the last few years, very good news arrived from Raja Ampatt. Since 2005, Misool Eco Resort has managed to protect 120.000 ha of marine habitat. Also, they managed to stop illegal fishing. So, the biologists have recorded a 250% increase in fish population from the lagoons.


Reefscape, Raja Ampat
[RO] Cele mai frumoase lanturi de insule din Asia de Sud-Est va invita sa le descoperiti magia. Fiind o zona salbatica, turismul nu este foarte bine dezvoltat, dar pentru doritorii de aventura poate fi o alegere ideala pentru o vacanta de neuitat. Scufundarile in ocean reprezinta atractia principala a zonei, aici pot fi observate sute de specii de corali si pesti viu colorati. De asemenea, plimbarea cu barca prin lagunele turcoaz sau explorarea padurilor in cautarea pesterilor ascunse, poate fi o optiune in alegerea unei experiente unice in viata.
[EN] The most beautiful islands from South-East Asia, invites you to discover their magic. For adventurers could be a perfect destination. Scuba diving and snorkeling are the main atractions of the Raja Ampatt islands, but you can go on a boat ride or hiking too. So, the ultimate pristine paradise awaits you.


Source: National Geographic

Adela Teban