La Vie en Rose

Hello friends! I hope you are still here. I know that it’s been a long time since my last post on this blog, but now I’m back and ready to post again more often. For those who are new here and do not know me, I will tell you a few words about myself and my blog.

My name is Adela and I am a biologist. My passion for nature started a long time ago, when I was a kid and since then never stopped. I love to spend time in the woods, hiking and enjoy nature in all its shapes. Over time, this passion and curiosity about microorganisms, plants, animals and wild life has turned into study and ongoing research. Now, I’m a biologist in love with everything that this world can give us. Biology is not just a science, it’s everything that surrounds us and defines us as living beings. The study of life is the most amazing thing for me to do and because I love it so much I decided to share with you what I know or what I’m about to learn. This was the start of my blog and the goal was to write interesting articles and make as many photos as I can, to show you the beauty of nature and the mysteries of wild life.

Now, things are changed and I want to create something else. Beside biology, I’m very passionate about painting and art in general, also I love to study history, to read, travel and cook. Because in the past some of you asked me to create articles in personal manner, not just from my biologist point of view, I decided to reorganize my blog and transform it into a journal. So, I invite you here, once in a while, to read about nature curiosities, art, history, recipes and many more.

I now that everyone got through some difficult times in the past few months, I’m very conscious about the problems that this world is facing right now, but I don’t want to talk about this. On my page you will never find articles about personal opinions on politics, religion or social issues. All I want is to create a media platform where everyone can relax and see the beauty of this world not the dark side of it. I personally need a place where I can be myself and where I can write about everything that goes through my mind. So, I imagine this blog as a cozy living room where we can drink a cup of tea or coffee and talk about interesting subjects. I hope you will follow me on this new journey!

I named the new version of this blog ‘La Vie en Rose’ because no matter what, we can still see the light and the ‘life in pink’!!! Also, as a celebration of reopening the blog I will show you some photos with roses from my garden.

See you soon!

Happy Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day! Today is a beautiful day of Spring and because we celebrate women`s day I thought that it’s the perfect time to talk about the symbol of the month.


Galanthus nivalis or the snowdrop is one of my favorite spring flowers. I’m looking forward to seeing them every February because they are the messengers of Spring and when they are in bloom it means that the good weather is coming. Also, there are some interesting things about the snowdrop. The scientific name of snowdrop has a beautiful meaning. Galanthus is derived from the Greek word `gala` which means milk and `anthos` means flower, `nivalis` is an epithet with meaning `of the snow`, referring as the snow-like flower. The snowdrop is a toxic plant and very dangerous if it’s eaten because of the active agglutinin GNA (galanthus nivalis agglutinine), which can cause intestine damage. But other substance found in snowdrop, galanthamine, can be helpful for Alzheimer`s disease.


In Romania, we have a beautiful tradition on March 1st. As a symbol of life, love and hope, in the first day of spring, we give bouquets of snowdrop to our loved one’s. Also, on March 1st the ladies receive a talisman pendant or brooch attached to a red and white wire. This talisman is named `Martisor` and the girls wear it for luck. Also, in March 8th we celebrate the women`s day and mothers day as well. So, as a gift, we give bouquets of snowdrops to our mothers.
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